You may (or may not) wonder how I try to stay fit and healthy. I’m just going to run through some things that, and what, I do throughout the day.

To start out my morning, I wake up from a good nights sleep, and drink a full glass of water right away. With it I take an Omega 3 vitamin and Zinc vitamin too. And, I don’t skip breakfast ;) I make sure that I get a good source of protein everyday. Whether it be a protein drink or like an omelette. I don’t really like omelets though, so I go for a lower sugar cereal and banana with peanut butter. Yes. Low sugar cereal. Usually like 10 sugars or less per serving. (Sorry Cap’n Crunch…)

AVOID SODA!!! Soda has so much sugar in it that they should just label it: “Diabetes in a Can”. Plus, it damages your teeth as well.
I really work to limit my sugar intake because it can turn right into fat, and be stored away. So, unless it’s a holiday time, I don’t usual eat a crapload of sweets. No I’m not completely cut off, but I definitely don’t make it a part of my meal on purpose. Of course there’s always the natural sugars like honey and fruits sugars that are okay. It’s still sugar though so don’t go drinking a bottle of honey.

A big rule I go with really is: EVERYTHING IN MODERATION
That definitely explains itself. You can have everything, just in certain amounts. Which brings me to my next point.

Eat little meals throughout the day. Don’t skip breakfast and have huge dinners and lunches. A big American fault is that we eat too much food. Way more than we need. All those calories just build up and you can’t burn them away fast enough so it turns into fat. So what I do is try to eat like 1/2 cup snacks every 2 hours or so. This way your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and store away the food you consume. I explain a little more about eating healthy in my post Motivation, Not Starvation. HOWEVER!!!! Eating little snacks does NOT mean things like a burger, slice of pizza, potato chips, candy. It doesn’t work unless you eat things with less carbs and sugar, and more proteins and fruits and vegetables. Just because the term used is “healthy”, doesn’t mean it tastes bad. It’s all personalized taste really. So a couple of my favorite snacking foods are bananas, fruit and nut granola bars, tuna fish wrapped in lettuce (YUM), and dried apples (or regular ones. Doesn’t matter). These are the kinds of things to be eating.
If your family sits down together for dinner every night, which I fully recommend and support), that doesn’t mean you can’t eat what your mom cooked that night. Just don’t eat a whole lot. It’s especially hard fore when dinner that night is one of my favorite meals and I’m feeling especially hungry haha. But you don’t have to break your streak of little meals throughout the day just because of lunch and dinner. All you need to do is cut down the portion sizes.

DRINK WATER. The best thing for you to drink is water. And lots of it. The more water you drink, the less you retain. This helps with puffy eyes that can happen under your eyes, and water filling in unneeded places. And, ultimately it helps you feel fuller. So drink it with your little meals. It helps to break down the food better so you can digest it faster. I try to make it a goal that I drink a glass with every little meal I have and especially at school. Always have a water bottle on you. I’m not saying you can only drink water too. Of course, drink your milk (or in my case soy milk), and you can have juice. Just like I said before limit your soda. Also, stay the heck AWAY from energy drinks. So bad for you it’s not even funny. Your basically drinking a liquid drug. Because that’s what caffeine is. (If you didn’t know that, now you do).

Now. For exercise. I had been struggling over this area for quite a bit since I stopped swim and dive class, and haven’t been doing sports for a long time. I used to play tennis and soccer when I was little, and I trained for track during my sophomore year (never got to join). So. I really had been thinking of ways to get more active. We own a wii and wii fit (which is really awesome btw), and just dance. Those are two great ways to burn calories without having to go to the gym. And you get to stay right in your living room. Now. My personal favourite, PILATES. It takes some flexibility and endurance to perform but it’s really great for strengthening your muscles, and focuses on core strengthening and slimming. I find it’s really helped me. And all I do is go to the library and checkout Pilates workout DVDs and use the internet to search workouts as well. I try to do it at least every other day because that way, it gives your muscles a break for a day and Then you can get right back to building up strength. And yes, you’ll get a little stronger but it won’t make you look bigger or anything. I know some people think “well if I exercise, my muscles will get bigger and I’ll look bigger. I’m trying to look smaller”. Not the case here. It improves posture, elongates those muscles, and helps you trim down that dreaded belly fat.

So, all everything in here are things I really do. And that’s how I’ve been keeping my girlish figure ;) haha it’s hard sometimes but the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. And if I can do, you can definitely do it too. Although, just because this combination works for me, it may not be exactly what your looking for. If not that’s okay. You really have to kinda find your own style and routine and go for it ;)


6 thoughts on “What does the Asian do?

  1. That’s really smart, actually. I’m pretty sure I eat too much at a time (I have a high metabolism, but the little snacks would probably be a good idea). I tend to go with those big meals throughout the day. And Pilates…since swim season ended, I’ve been way too busy with extra curriculars to go exercise. I’d been meaning to run, but now it’s really really cold. Pilates sounds like fun and I may just try that.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! Be sure to check back regularly for more fun and insight ^.^ happy new year!!

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