Well today we left Michigan to journey back to our home in Wisconsin.

This year was the first time I’ve ever stayed up for the new year. You know, the stay up till midnight tradition. And I have no idea why I’ve never done it before… It actually wasn’t that hard because since we were in Michigan, it’s an hour ahead than Wisconsin and so technically I still thought it was 11:00pm. All we did was just watch movies and this weird NOVA tv show.

For dinner last night, we had boiled cabbage (which I think had butter on it…), black eyes peas, dinner rolls, and a ham. A fat ham. Apparently there’s some New Years superstitions surrounding the cabbage and peas which I had no idea about. The cabbage is supposed to make you fortunate with money and the black eyes peas are supposed to bring good luck. So I ate a lot of the cabbage because it was actually good and I hope I get fortunate with monies too. I only had a scoop of the peas so I don’t know if I’ll only get a little luck this year but who knows. We had the Houghton branch missionaries come over for dinner and to relay a message. I have to say, their favorite part of the meal was my mom’a dinner rolls. One missionary kept saying things like “Dang these rolls are really good.” The Shaw mother told everyone there’s only enough rolls to have two each. So I just gave my two rolls to the two missionaries. They were snatched up pretty quickly. My sister always eats the fat of every meat we ever have so she kept asking for the “fatty chunks”. That’s pretty weird if you ask me…

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, we had a message from the missionaries about resolutions and being the best we can be. Kind of similar to my talk on the Plan of Salvation. They relayed the famous Book of Mormon story of how the Lamanites laid down their weapons of war. The weapons buried them in the earth, and the righteous Lamanites vowed to not kill or use them anymore as they would rather die. (Alma 24) That was their sort of resolution to themselves and to Heavenly Father.

Speaking of resolutions, I don’t believe I have made any yet. I guess if I had to put down SOMEthing I would say this.
I want to keep on working towards happiness. Mine and everyone else’s. I know you can’t ever make everyone happy at the same time, but you can try. And it can be as simple as shoveling someone’s driveway or writing your grandparents. I also am going to continue persevering and never giving up. This is something that’s helped me achieve many dreams and goals in life. For me giving up on something is just unreasonable because if you always start something only to quit halfway through, then you never get where you really want to go. So, I just never give up on anything.

And I believe that 2014 will be a really great year. So makes yours a great one as well ;) happy New Year everyone!

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