This place is amazing. Awe inspiring. I seriously walked through the entrance and couldn’t contain my excitement. It is truly a magical place where I would choose to live in a heartbeat.

The Appleton Inn is a Bed and Breakfast place located in Appleton right before you enter downtown. It is owned by loving couple, Gordie and Carole Schmeidl. They started this business together in a house from the 1800s. It’s truly a piece of history in there.

Right when you arrive there, you see a green and purple looking house. You may think at first, “that’s odd…” But you don’t know the feeling of the inside. It is a HUGE house. On the outside it may not look that impressive, but it’s all about the inside that counts. Entering the front door, you are required to remove your shoes, and get a trolling teaser of what’s to come. Many doors with promises of secrets and beautiful interests that may await you, and gorgeous mirrors of all shapes and sizes occupy your every turn. The mirrors really add to the spaciousness and elegance of the house. Directly to the left of the front door is a lush carpeted staircase leading to an upstairs. Directly in front of the entry door are two doors leading to… A fancy dining room/ living quarters, with a gorgeous and tidy room connected.

Glass tables are spread down the room with perfectly contrasting sprays of flowers adorning every nook and cranny. Windows and lamps provide an amazing open atmosphere and regal feel. And the hats. Everywhere you turn there are hats. Hats placed just so, or hanging on the walls. Carole told us that her granddaughter counted up all the hats spread around the house and the total came to over 200. In the living space, there is an old piano that is out of tune (badly out of tune) but it was still beautiful just the same. And yes. I did play it haha.

Each room in the inn has a specific style and color theme with accenting pillows and other features.

The bathrooms are so fancy you could spend a night in one of those alone.

There are many fireplaces in choice areas and authentic vintage and Victorian outfits hanging in the closets or on mannequins. Carole found a gorgeous and breathtaking red vintage gown for me to wear for my vintage photoshoot, that I fell in love with at first sight. I of course tried it on with Megan and Jenny’s help. I was determined to fit into it even if it was slightly too small. Well lo and behold, I fit into it and we used it as the last outfit for the shoot. It was the perfect ending number.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful this place was. The kindness that was shown to us was outstanding and they invited us back again. I definitely highly recommend this place for anything you might need. A photo shoot, get together, wedding reception, or even a birthday party! It was just just such an extraordinary place.

I can show you as many pictures of that place as I could and it still wouldn’t capture the magnificence and splendor of the house. You have to come and feel the magic for yourself ;)

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(Pics of Appleton Inn by the Appleton Inn)

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