I decided to do a fun thing where I ask people to ask me anything. About modeling, me, or anything at all. These are all the questions people came up with, so here we go!

Q: Where do you live, how do you like it, and how many times have you moved?
A: I live in Neenah Wisconsin right now! I really like it here because I get to see all four seasons in the extreme. It’s also a pretty safe area as far as crime and natural disasters go compared to like Madison or Milwaukee. We do get tornados and some flooding during the rainy seasons but nothing that’s really drastically disastrous. It’s a pretty modern area and we are close to many good shops, a big mall? And good restaurants! I have moved from China where I was adopted from, to Pennsylvania, to Ohio, to Appleton, then to Neenah where I love it now. ;)

Q: What is the air speed velocity of a sparrow?
A: I’m not sure I understand the question… I don’t know about a sparrow but I do know about a swallow… But I’m guessing you would have to use the weight of the bird to calculate the mass and acceleration and factor in wind resistance. Which I’m not going to do because I don’t feel like capturing a sparrow, killing it, and weighing it on a scale.

Q: How/Do do Girls show they like a guy through like their actions?
A: Girls do their best to understand what guys are trying to portray to THEM. So if a girl seems infatuated with what you are saying and really focuses on you, that’s a good sign. Another good signal is if you notice her glancing at you a lot, or it seems like a girl goes out of her way to be around you. If a girl seems shy but interested in you, it probably means she likes you but is timid to bring it up or do anything about it.

Q: What do you consider your best attributes?
A: In my opinion, I think my friendliness, perseverance, and creativeness are my best attributes. Especially my perseverance because I am someone who never gives up on things. I follow through and acquire success. My creativeness makes my world. It led me to crate this blog, my modeling, my drawing and musical talent and pretty much is who I am.

Q: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
A: That’s a tough one. I can’t really remember every compliment I ever get but it’s makes me feel good when people say I’m pretty or beautiful.

Q: If you had to pick your major for college right now what would you chose?
A: I would choose a major in nutrition probably. I’m big on health and eating right.

Q: What is your favourite memory? :)
A: When I went over to my boyfriend’s house and told him I liked him and he said that he liked me back. That was his birthday and also the best Christmas present I’ve ever received.

Q: When was the first time you felt the spirit? When I went to girls camp my first year and we had our testimony meeting the last night there. I got up to bear my testimony after hearing a couple and really felt the spirit. The testimony meeting lasted around three hours rather than the originally planned one hour.

Q: Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
A: Probably. Because I’m just that amazing. I haven’t tried using the colors of the wind yet, but I have painted many pictures before….

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie roll pop?
A: It depends on how big your tongue is. Also, it depends on what kind. If it’s orange, I wouldn’t lick it at all. Also depends on how many taste buds you have and how big they are…

Q: What are some of your favorite things to do?
A: I love to read, blog, make and edit videos, draw, hang out with friends, txt and snapchat, listen to music, okay the piano and percussion, cook, answer questions, socialize, and watch dramas and movies :)

Q: Who is someone you look up to?
A: I look up to my boyfriend because he’s taller than me.

Well this was fun! Any questions you guys have for me? I’ll make another Q and A! ^.^

One thought on “Q and A

  1. The sparrow question is from Monty Python I think….. But I can’t tell when you are serious or sarcastic in that answer.
    Also, your answers are hilarious! I like the tootsie pop one :) and someone you look up to!!!! Hahahahahaha I laughed soooo hard!!! :)

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