This Photoshoot was so amazing. I wore a light pink dress that was my mom’s when she was my age. It worked perfectly for this concept. There were real flowers in my hair and that I held (they were from my mom and dad for my 18th birthday on tuesday). My friend Des Jovan did all my makeup and hair. She is just starting out in hair and makeup artistry but as you will see from these pictures, she is amazing. (Please support her and if you need her services, here is her model mayhem). Destiny is a really smart and chillaxed girl. She is super hilarious and always has been. She did a really amazing job on my face.
br />

I loved posing for this shoot because it was all very light and dainty haha. The Photographer from this shoot was Nic from Click1Photo¬†(like his facebook page here). He does a really professional job taking photos and he is super friendly and easy going. (!!Please visit his website!!) He makes you feel right at ease and loves what he does. He is timely and is very well prepared. We shot at Smith park in Menasha Wisconsin. Such a perfect venue for weddings and prom pictures. Tons of flowers and a cute fountain as well as a gazebo! The end results for this shoot were incredible and SPECTACULAR. Well, I’ll let you guys see for yourself:


3 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. I had so much fun working with you and Destiny(MUA). You two makes a perfect team. Keep up the awesome attitude, and you’ll go a long way in your modeling career. I hope to work with you again in the future.

    Stay cool!


  2. Wow!!! I love the flowers in you hair! These are beautiful. (love the one where you’re eating the rose… :) made me laugh.)
    Happy super duper late birthday, by the way! I love you <3

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