20140217-145943.jpgThese Are a Few of My Least Favourite Things!

It’s a proven fact that the leading cause of fire is fire. Experts also claim that the reason why there is an absence of certain things, is due to them not being there. The absence exists just so it can be discovered and cried over about why it isn’t there anymore. This is quite frustrating as most could probably understand. When things run out, the result is an upsetting sense of lacking. Because it irks me so much, this lack of, I have put together a neat top 5 list of things that can annoyingly run out.

I walked down the stairs this morning in a decent mood, anticipating a nice hearty breakfast. It consisted of my favourite cereal, a glass of cold beverage, and a small clementine. Reaching for the box of cereal, I shook it and my heart fell instantly. (Wait for it, here comes number five on the list.) It was almost gone. With a small inkling of hope remaining, I tentatively tipped the box causing a small trickle of crumbs and pieces to tumble out. The bowl wasn’t even a quarter full. I fell to my knees and shook my fist at the heavens. Next to me, a clank sounded as my sister placed her finished bowl in the sink. I could almost hear her cackling laugh taunting me, “I ALMOST finished off that cereal just to annoy the crap out of you!” At my house we make our own school lunches, so we have a designated snack box where we can grab a snack and go. Alas, it always happens that there is nothing left for me to grab. It always seems like my sister is out to get me; she doesn’t even notify anyone that there are no snacks left! Come on. First the cereal, and now this. Running out of food is definitely an irritating happenchance.

Following number five, number four on this list takes place in the shower stall. Every time I wash my hair, I do it in a very particular way because my hair is very important to me. I start with a bit of special coconut scented shampoo that suds just the way I like it. Then I rinse it thoroughly, and apply a hearty amount of silky smooth conditioner. However, the amount of conditioner I use is at least twice the amount of shampoo I consume. So I find myself needing to purchase conditioner twice as often, since the conditioner bottle empties pretty quick. I could yell into the bottle and hear my voice echo back, “You’re out again!”. It’s that void. Very frustrating to discover that I, yet again, need to make a hasty trip to the convenience store.

Third on this list of unfortunate discovery, comes the blink of “Low Battery”. I was watching a perfectly good drama one day on my trusty iPod. I was right in the middle of a scene to tug my heartstrings, when all the sudden popped up a blinking red battery outline announcing, “Less than 20% battery”. At first my reaction was to ignore this bothersome signal flare since it goes away after a second. Then came the killer. Bloop. The screen abruptly changed from that moving kiss scene, to dead black. Leaping off the couch I soared through the air in search of a lifesaver, my charger. Like a bloodhound I scanned the area to spot the white tail of the cord and silver prongs, and then bayed the triumphant alarm of “YES!”. Hastily plugging it into the smiling outlet, it took what seems like forever till the screen again flickered to a sweet, cornea searing, electric light. And this is why I absolutely hate running out of battery.

Something that I have gotten in the habit of doing every day, is writing in my journal. It is something I do right before I go to sleep at night. Recording my ideas and experiences is really important to me. I just love the way my pen scrawls my thoughts in an almost flawless script. Until those pen flourishes suddenly fade away to an illegible paper imprint. My ink has inadvertently run dry, and out. Sometimes, I don’t use a pen however. When doing homework or sketching a pretty picture, I hate having to get up and sharpen a dull pencil when it gets blunt; I choose to use mechanical pencils instead. Although, I do get quite an irritated feeling when I click that trusty pencil, expecting results, and it turns out to be not so trusty. No lead pokes it’s head out of the pencil entrance. Instead, the lead is replaced with disappointment that laughs its ugly presence in my face. Running out of writing utensil materials comes number two on this tooth grinding list.

Last but not least, the big number one just happens to be when I find myself in quite an awkward situation before I have even officially started my day. Waking up in the morning, some would fully expect to find a perfect outfit to wear. These people arise and casually don the latest trend. But I am not always so lucky. Upon waking, I amble over to the dresser drawers to start with the undergarments. Sometimes pulling open the drawers leads to the revelation that…there are in fact no clean panties available. My groaning and banging of the head against the dresser is followed by a frantic opening and then slamming of all the drawers in hopes of an underwear god miracle. No such luck. Tables then turn to the unthinkable. The dirty laundry basket. Definitely a depressing lack of clean clothes there.

Life certainly has its ups and downs, but especially down when important supplies like food, proper hygiene items, electronic battery power, writing utensil ink and or lead, and heaven forbid, clean clothes go missing. These things are for certain things that can ruin a good day upon discovery. It’s like there’s a black hole in life that sucks up what’s needed, when needed. Irritating and irksome, but life does go on.

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