Hey guys. Sorry it’s been a while. Between school and being “busy” and not having any ideas what to post about at all, I just haven’t gotten to my poor little blog. But don’t worry!! I plan to post tons more :) school gets out for me in 3 days and I graduate on Thursday.


My dad is allergic to animal fur so naturally, I haven’t ever owned a pet before. Unless you count those stupid fish that die a week after you get them. Haha now that’s a funny story.

I had a fish (my first pet ever) named Goldie. She lived quite a while. Meaning a month or less in fish terms. I loved her. And I would always feed her a ton. I used to poke her when she (he?) was swimming around. One day I came home and my mom told me Goldie was dead. I didn’t believe her so I tried to flip Goldie over off her back, since she was of course belly up. It didn’t work. CPR didn’t work either. So being the sensitive little girl I was, I couldn’t bear to flush her. She was my friend. My confidant. My little sushi topping. So instead, I put her in a matchbox and buried her in the back yard. Yes. I even found a rock and placed it right over where she was laid to rest. And of course, I dug her up every day after that and took her out of the matchbox to check on her and see if she was truly dead. She was. Then we moved and I’m pretty sure she’s still there. Probably decomposed and dried out.

So we have this dog named Coco. Coco is Shih-tzu Bichon Frise mix called a Teddy Bear. Yes that’s really what they are called. We got her over 7 years ago when we still lived in Appleton. My moms birthday was coming up and I didn’t know what to get her. So I thought, hey! I want a pet. Mom probably¬†wants a pet. And Laura doesn’t care… I’ll get her a puppy!! So I did a ton of research online for hypoallergenic dogs. I wanted one that was cute and fluffy. Not naked and shivering like the Chinese crested dog or the Chihuahua so I did more should searching. And lo and behold, I found- the Teddy Bear. And puppies were available not too painstakingly far away! It was super cute. So the next hurdle was to convince my dad. So I asked him straight out. He said yes surprisingly. I was so happy! But wait, a lot of times what my dad says yes to, he tends to “forget” and go back on. So I wrote a sort of contract on a sticky note with a line for a signature and date, stating that he acknowledges his approval. He signed it. Haha that was my most brilliant plan. So then we ended up going to pick out a Teddy Bear with the whole family :)

(And just so you know, I have no pictures of Goldie because she’s not with us anymore.)20140604-172842-62922698.jpg









One thought on “My Pets

  1. Fish are a dime a dozen! (Sometimes literally!) But a dog? Now there’s a family pet. Not only is Coco hypo-allergenic. But she has a great personality. She travels with us in the car and has even been on an airplane. She’s a perfect addition to the family!

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