Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest, most perfect, skinny, beautiful, gorgeous, flawless, tallest, most talented, cute, amazing, funny, kindest, loved, and wanted one of all?

HA! Nobody. There IS NO SUCH PERSON.

We’ve all heard the expression “nobody’s perfect”. Well. It’s true.

What we need to realize is that all we can be, is the BEST, we ourselves can be. Not what other people can be. What WE can be. Comparing ourselves to others is something that happens every day. It’s something we can’t help. Mostly because it’s a human flaw that everyone carries. But a lot of it is due to the fact that we can’t accept who we are or what we look like because we always expect more. And that’s okay. Unless it’s an unhealthy obsession. When you take a look in the mirror do you find yourself wishing for a smaller nose, acne free face, better hair, and whiter teeth? The answer is yes. Because we all wish something was different about us. Even seemingly perfect models. However, the grass really isn’t all that different on the other side. If you did have the nose you wanted, chances are you would want it a different way. And if you had the straight hair you’d always wished for, you would probably dream about having wavy hair.

That isn’t to say you can never wear makeup, never do your hair different, etc. Because we all like to look and feel pretty. Even if you can’t be that perfect person that you wish you were, you can always improve yourself too.

Say you aren’t happy with your body. In the way that you think you could lose that extra couple inches off your waist or thighs. Which I think is most to all of us. Well, if you’re committed enough you could do it if you tried. If you do it in the correct ways. However, I do believe there is a limit to how you achieve this and how far you should go.

First and foremost, bulimia and anorexia is not the way to go. There is such a thing as a healthy weight. If you are doing things that can hurt your body more than benefit it, you should not be doing them. If you gorge yourself then throw it all up, you are not only losing weight, you are also losing nutrition. You get rid of all the important vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function. I am no professional nutritionist or doctor, but it doesn’t take a genius to make or realize smart decisions. When you throw up repeatedly, you also are damaging your teeth. The acid from your stomach comes up with the unwanted food and erodes away at the enamel in your teeth and makes them weaker. This weakening can cause your teeth to be prone to loosening and also shape change. Everyone wants to have nice looking teeth along with a good body and unfortunately, bulimia will get rid of both.

If you want to starve yourself, you’re going backwards. When you eat, your body uses the food to create energy. And you need energy to create energy. Depriving your body of food will cause your body to go into starvation mode. Every time you eat after not eating for a long period of time, your body immediately stores that food away as fat because it doesn’t know when you’ll get another meal. What would be better is to eat small meals and snacks every couple hours instead. So really, it’s better for you to eat than to not eat. This trains your body to not enter starvation mode and to keep using the food you eat right away to create energy instead of storing it.
These are just the two main examples of weight loss. They can be coupled with other things like over exercising (yes it does happen) and drugs that claim to aid in weight loss. So the point is, be smart. Don’t throw away your common sense to achieve short term results.

Okay. So we reviewed some weight loss. How about makeup? Is that bad? Well yes and no. And here’s why. Makeup is kind of a security blanket for us girls. We feel more confident at times with it on. Almost every teenage and up girl in the world wears makeup. Makeup is useful because it gives color to our face, and let’s face it (no pun intended) it’s fun! It’s so interesting to see how many different ways you can create a look with just one canvas. Your face. There is an unlimited array of colors and styles that you can do. And don’t you just love stabbing yourself in the eye with a mascara brush or eyeliner pencil?? Good times.

A lot of times makeup is used to impress someone else or get their attention. But makeup also is so we personally are satisfied. Half the battle in beauty is self acceptance. Sure, that guy can say whatever he wants about your looks. But it’s up to you whether you take it for granted or not. And other people influence how we feel about ourselves. So an important thing when it comes to how people look is to not put others down of course. But don’t put YOURSELF down as well. And don’t worry. Because one day, there’s going to be a person who thinks you are everything. Regardless of your body shape and whether or not you have makeup on.

So what it all comes down to is how you view yourself, and if you want to change something about you, then do it. And stay with it because no one else is going to do the changing for you.

And here’s one last hint. Unless you are at a modeling shoot where the focus is you, It’s most likely that other people aren’t going to be worried about what you look like because in reality? People are more worried about and focused on what they look like themselves.

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