In the summer, our next door neighbors got an exchange student from Spain. Her name is Lucia which is pronounced Lu-thee-ah. Not Lu-see-yah or Lu-chee-ah. When my band teacher first met her and she said her name was Lu-Thee-ah, he thought she had a lisp hahaha! So he pronounced it Lu-see-Yah instead X) now that was funny. The way she pronounces it is a Spanish thing. Those darn Spaniards…She is shorter than me! Haha she is part Asian and part Spanish. And guess what??? She speaks Chinese. And English. And Spanish. And is learning German. Wow. And I thought I was learning languages…

Before she arrived in the US, my sister and I decorated a chalkboard in her soon to be room. So when she came, she was greeted by some cute little welcome drawings! She came after out band had it’s annual band camp training so I got to train her a bit for what she missed. It was really funny to see her marching. But it wasn’t hard teaching her or anything because her English is like, almost 100 percent. She’s really smart and loves to laugh. She makes random visits at our house all the time because we are just that awesome! On Friday she switches host families :'( so I guess she won’t be able to make random visits anymore…

One time she invited me to a party (The exchange students have a little movie party every Friday night) and I went. But my ride home was late so I was grounded from going to the parties anymore :( sad face. And it’s all her fault!! (Lucia I hope you’re reading this!!!) every time she says to me “Hey you going to the party tonight?” I just stare at her and she says like “Oh yeah”. That darn Spaniard.

She gave our family a christmas present. I’m scared to open it -.-




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