So our family has these lifelong friends that we’ve known for like ever. My parents met the Shaws when they were all in college. And their friendship still goes on. It’s pretty cool if I say so myself.

The Shaw family is made up of the two parents and their four children. The two older boys are both my age. My sister is good friends with their daughter who’s just her age so it works out perfectly. The youngest boy just hangs out with both the kids and us teens since he doesn’t hav someone his age. We are all really close friends, so whenever someone asks “who’s that?”, we all just say “It’s our cousin.” You could even go as far as saying that we are sibling like.

Our two families see each other all the time. At least every 2 months and more often than not, every month. They live 4 or so hours away from us and whenever they come over to our house, all the cups are dirty within the first day so we end up doing a ton of dishes. They live in the upper peninsula and get even more snow than we do! Per tradition, we usually go pick out Christmas tree for them all together and my dad will start a snow fight. It will end with people being pummeled into the snow and all the kids will create an endless barrage of snowballs to both dads. The Shaws are also LDS as well so whenever we come to their teeny branch up in Houghton, everyone knows who we are there. Annnnd it’s almost inevitable to be asked to say a talk or say a prayer since Brother Shaw is their branch president haha.

One time a couple years ago, I went with them to go pick up their new dog. His full name is Baron T.J. Blitz but everyone just calls him Blitz. He is a full blooded beagle and he likes to run away a lot.

Anyways I’m up north visiting the Shaws currently. Since my mom’s family lives all the way west, and my dad’s family resides way east, the Shaws are definitely our family closest to home.

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