This is a senior high schooler take on “Love is an open door” from the ever popular movie Frozen that I wrote. Enjoy! ⛄️❄️

Do you feel like you’re going crazy?
Well, life is crazy!
All your life there will be doors that close in your face,
and this just happens to be the truth
Yeah you’ll be searching your whole life, to find your own place.
And maybe there will be some downs, but there’ll be ups too.
So quite soon, we’ll leave this place.
we wont have to go here, anymore.
Life is a bunch of doors
we’ll have some fun of course
it’s what we’ve been taught for
for you,
and you,
and you,
to choose!
life is a bunch of doors.
There’ll be days we,
don’t finish what we wanted to
but we we’re graduating today!
Someday you’ll meet someone
who makes you really happy
we blink!
blink again,
now it’s college memorization,
and so much dang information
and i
won’t get by easily.
say goodbye! to this year’s senior class.
We’ll be in for a rocket blast
life is a bunch of doors!
it’s time for us to soar!
In life there is so much more!
For you,
and you,
and you,
its true!
It’s something to look towards.
Doesn’t this sound amazing?

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