So the day of the shoot finally arrive and i definitely felt exited and also that I was forgetting something. (You know the feeling). I had gotten my wet set in pin curls the night before by my stylist/ hair and makeup artist, Jenn Lietz at the Designers Chair. So the next morning I popped into her salon again to take out the pins and style the hair.


After the hair was done, she did my makeup. It really looked like I was from that time period!

(Read my post on the Designers chair!)

After I got partly done with the makeup I left to go get camera film at Walmart (800 speed $12) and a headband for the vintage hairpiece I made.
Kurt and Jenny showed up at my house around 11:00 am and we were ready to go. I took them back to the Designer’s Chair and finished up my hair and makeup. This included a little hair fixing, a mountain of bobby pins, falsies, and red lipstick. Really red. And that completed the look!


Jenn did an amazing job. We left her salon with many compliments and a positive feeling. Right from there, Jenny (the Asian not the stylist), Kurt, and I went Appleton to a magical place called The Appleton Inn.

Carol and Gordie were the nicest couple ever. When we arrived (a bit late), they were so kind and we got a wonderful tour of the house. There are FOUR levels including the basement. For more information and photos on our shooting location,

((Read my post on the Appleton Inn!)

I cannot stress enough how fortunate we were, our humble little group, to acquire such a perfect and awe inspiring location for the shoot. It was truly magnificent, dreamlike, and so regal. It was PERFECT. I almost cried, it was so beautiful.

So using the house, we shot on every level and even though we used a lot of the rooms, we still didn’t get through all of them. To adjust for the natural and indoor lighting situations, we had our trusty multi use reflector, and a couple spotlights that we all brought from home. Plus all the things I had gathered as props and outfits and such. The shooting went from about 12:30 to 5:30. It was that long because Megan didn’t get there till about 1, 1:15 which gave us time to set up and get ready anyways. We had many cameras with us. Kurt brought his box of cameras including the A-1 film camera, which if you ask, he can tell you about. Megan brought her Nikon digital which she had gotten from Christmas, and I brought my little digital that I use for all my YouTube videos. (A video of the shoot will be up soon. Be on the lookout ;))

For me the shoot was really good. I think it really gave me some experience and I really enjoyed doing a high fashion photo shoot without all the height restrictions and worries of modesty issues. (I’ll be posting my thoughts on modeling and what I expect out of it later.)

The outfits I had were 3 dresses, two red and one creamy white, and a lace top matched with black pants and black heels. With all the hats I got to experiment with, they really made the shoot look authentic.

After I got home, I pulled out a huge pile of 39 bobby pins (yes I counted) and this is what happened

So! Did I have fun? Of course!! Will we do it again? YES. (Just next time slightly more organized). So a couple things to look forward to: a behind the scenes “Let’s Shoot in Vintage” YouTube video, more portfolio pics, and all of the “Let’s Shoot in Vintage” photos, and links to all the people who sponsored us for only TFP and TFCD. Please visit their sites and like them on Facebook. I hope you guys continue reading and anticipating more from this little Asian ;) and if you have any questions just comment or email me!

Haven’t read part 1 one of Let’s Shoot in Vintage? Well you should…

One last thing, any ideas for the next shoot? ^.^

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  1. The Asian??!! wow…you could have referred to me as something else! lol hahaha :D

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