20140403-210632.jpgI have a good friend, Joyce Leong, who lives in Malaysia. I first got to know her after I saw an amazing piano cover that she did of a k-pop song that I really loved. Afterwards, I emailed her because she was so inspirational to me and I wanted her advice. She replied quickly and we soon became fast friends. Joyce is a really splendid pianist, musician, wife and mother. She has a loving family of a caring husband and 2 children. When I first subscribed to her YouTube channel, she only had about 500 or so subscribers. I have witnessed her popularity increase and her subscribers now number over 17,500. That’s pretty amazing. She is so talented and always works so hard to accomplish what she wants while at the same time pleasing her subscribers and followers. Whether it be hot and new popular songs, korean pop music, she transcribes it. And makes several versions so people of ALL piano playing levels can play their favourite songs. She is so considerate!! And the quality of her transcriptions are exceptionally accurate, fun, and varied. I encourage those who play, or are trying to play, piano to visit her YouTube channel and follow her on Twitter!!

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