For all of you who need some comfort and a little light to your day:

History -an improv poem (written on the spot just now)

We all have pasts.
And we all have secrets.
we all have hurt,
and we all have weakness.

But do you know
who can take it away?
Our Lord and Saviour,
He can make it okay.

You are you and that’s
all that you are
You will be you,
and YOU can go far.

His love is sufficient,
his gospel is there
To help us each step,
to get us somewhere

Put trust in him,
in all that you do
And soon you will know,
this gospel is true.

Weak becomes strong,
And strong becomes weak,
We all have those times,
So it’s Him that we seek.

We have what we need,
It’s all right here
Blessings upon blessings,
So no need to fear.

Get down on your knees,
To pour out your soul,
And God will forgive you.
Take away the cold

He’ll raise us up,
High up in the clouds.
Just believe that he will,
He’ll not let us down.

So my friends my friends,
Be true to yourselves,
Your family, and friends,
Strangers as well

Put the past behind you
It’s history now,
Cause Life is too short,
We’ll get through somehow.

Because really there’s nothing
That He can’t do,
So pass this on to
someone who needs
strength today too.

-Millie Reade

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