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I already explained in this post how I got into dance.

SO. I thought that I could use this page to explain a little about this started and what this is.

Well after coming back to Wisconsin, I wanted to bring a little bit of Idaho back with me. I wanted to be able to swing dance like I did back in college. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to dance as much. That fact made me a little sad to say the least. So like I usually do, I decided to take matters into my own little Asian hands.

I started out searching for every possible dance studio and ballroom/dance place in the area. A lot of the places cost a lot (like I mentioned before), or were far away and so they were out of the question. Being in Neenah, there isn’t a ton of traffic for swing dancing. However I did find one promising looking place. Lawrence Swing Dance (LSD). They are a group of students from Lawrence University that are all about swing. They meet every Friday night at 8:00. Like my group, the dance consists of an hour of instruction and then the next 2 hours, dance. They are very nice are very talented. Check them out sometime! I do my best to attend their dances every week.

So moving on. I do like going to LSD, however I need more action more than just once a week. So what I started, is of course: Swing dance in Neenah

I started by emailing a little vintage store called Vintique. (click here for their facebook page) (click here for their website) I’ll do a full post about this cute store soon. So I emailed them and proposed that we team up and start swing in Neenah by offering some small lessons and holding a weekly dance or even just once in a while. I told them the pros and the cons and made the proposal beneficial to their company.

I did all the same for the YMCA in Neenah. Except I altered the message to accommodate them. I asked if they would be interested in a dance class focusing just on the swing aspect and using their space for the dances.

I didn’t hear back from either company till after this miraculous occurrence. I had an idea. It was so brilliant I kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. I contacted the Neenah Historical Society (click here for their facebook page) (click here for their website)

The head representative of the society is my dear friend Jane Lang. She is brilliant, humble, and so kind. She has done so much for me to make this dream of mine become a reality. She is full of smart and grand ideas.

Other businesses I contacted to team up with include the Designers Chair, and Boogie Ballroom. My alliance list is steadily growing ;) You definitely have to have good business skills and logical thinking to put together projects like this. I’m thinking all the time so it’s not a problem for me…

Even though I managed to achieve all of this, I would be lying if I said I did it all myself. I had the help of so many wonderful people like Jane and her son David, and Jen and everyone else. But I also had God’s hand. Without him I am not able to accomplish anything.

Something that I learned through all of this is that we need Him in our lives. And not just that, but we need to do our part. And if we do our part to follow Him, keep His commandments, and ask of Him in faith, He won’t let us down. He will do his part as well. I’m always worried that my wants and needs are too petty and insignificant for Him to care. But what I realize, and try to remember is that whatever is important to us, is important to Him. Because He loves us. He wants us to be happy and He’s not just going to leave us hanging. As long as we put our own effort in, and it is His will, He will bless us. I’m always worried that my wants and needs are too petty and insignificant for Him to care. But what I realize and try to remember is that whatever is important to us, is important to Him. Because He loves us.

I am so grateful that I was able to put this together. I may not be exactly where I want to be yet, but I’m on my way. And I won’t give up.

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