First Vision

There was a boy named Joseph
Who was a bit confused.
He questioned churches for himself,
And didn’t know what to choose.

Then one day he chanced upon
A mighty scripture in James
Urging him to ask of God,
And call upon his name.

So one fine morn, Joseph walked
Among the dewed green ferns.
He strolled quite far until he stopped,
And kneeled upon the earth.

Surrounded by the nature fair,
Joseph bowed his head to pray.
But evil satan was lurking there
And bound his tongue that day.

Joseph cried out to The Lord
To save him from the dark.
His faithful prayer was answered
With his face all pale and stark.

A glorious light fell upon
Dear Joseph’s awestruck face.
“This is my beloved son,
Hear him. Be not afraid.”

The boy then pleaded with
Our great father and his son.
Asking if he Joseph,
Should join a church, which one?

The blinding pair then replied
“You must not join any.
None of them are in the right
For there are sinners many.”

After some more discussion
With the heavenly beings,
To his home he went a rushing,
To report his findings.

After this, well we all know
That Joseph restored our gospel.
Upon this earth it did grow,
And with swiftness it still blossoms.

Even though he was killed,
A martyr he is called.
We today have a living prophet
So our church will never fall.

-Millie Reade

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