I’m done. With high school! Yayyy meeeee! I made it. I made it through 6 years of elementary school. 3 years of torturous middle school, and FOUR FLIPPING YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL. Now I’m done. Hurrah! It’s a weird feeling. I don’t really feel sad that I’m leaving, nor am I overjoyed that I’ve graduated. It’s more of an impassive attitude. Same towards going to college. I’ll be attending Brigham Young University of Idaho starting this September. It should be quite an adventure. (Hey that rhymed! Heehee I’m such a poet)

SO. I officially graduated on June 5th, which is when both my mom and her sister graduated. Imagine that. My graduating class of around 500 students is rather large. And as such it took a while for the announcer to say everyone’s name. It was amusing though because my friends and I were joking about how the announcer could be a radio announcer. Or one of those guys who voices the trailers to like every movie. It was really funny the way he pronounced everyone’s name, stressing the syllables either correctly but more often than not, incorrectly.

My graduation party was on the 7th. It was blast. And of course, cutting costs for low budget fun. Here’s what we did:

For food we had mini sandwiches from homemade pretzel rolls. Made by yours truly ^.^ haha (just kidding. My mom made them. And she did a wonderful job. They were so delicious). We also had a bowl of fruit. Can’t go wrong with fruit. I love fruit. It’s my favourite food… well besides soup. But that’s a different story. Anyway. There was a lot of desserts as you can imagine. There’s always many cookies and things at parties like these. Since being healthy is of course important, we had a complimentary veggie tray consisting of grape tomatoes, baby carrots, and sliced cucumber. Oh and ranch dressing. Gotta have a dip. I also put out little trays of sour patch kids candy because I was feelin it. For the drink, we had pretty glass liquid dispenser thingies that we borrowed from neighbors and such. In it we had simple ice water, but in each container we put one whole sliced orange, lime, and lemon. And then being the little Asian I am, I used a chopstick to stir that all around, and VOILA. Water de la citrus. It was quite good; one can only assume, as everyone was drinking it…. Some people brought food to share which was nice. You know, give back to the hand that feeds you free food. We had someone provide, pretzel something or other, and a nice noodle salad dish thing. That was yummy.

Now for the decor, my school colors are red and white (as are like almost every school’s) so of course that was the color scheme for the party. We had red and white checkered table cloths (borrowed mind you) and the napkins matched. For the silverware (er, plastic ware) and plates and cup, it’s called the dollar store. Get one. We kept it pretty simple. No balloons or streamers. HOWEVER, since the party was outside, the food table was up against the house. Above the table, we had taken photographs of me throughout my life thus far, and taped them on the siding. it was a cute little touch. I mean who doesn’t want to see embarrassing pics of a graduate? Also, can’t forget chairs. Make sure you have plenty of seating for guests! I also had a display table. I put a bunch of my awards, pictures, and things that I like on that table. My mom prepared this picture of me in a frame with a clean boarder around it. The glass was removed and this was in order for people to sign around it. This also went on the table.

For our entertainment, I just borrowed a game net from a family that was going to attend the party and a volleyball from the church (the best one of course). That was pretty convenient. I also borrowed another game from another family; the game with the golf ball on the string and you toss it on a ladder looking thingy. Well needleess to say, me and most of the other kids and attendees enjoyed playing volleyball. It was a really fun thing to have and I suggest having no established teams or rules. Just let people do their own thing. :) People were switching teams and no one bat an eye. This way there was no infighting among guests.

All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy the party. (No one can resist an Asian with free food) It was a great success! And the rain held off just in time! (Thank you man upstairs…) I hope you all liked the ideas and feel free to use them in your own parties (as this is the season). Send me pics of your graduation! :D Are there any things that you did different at your parties? Feel free to comment with ideas please! (These tips can apply to any party in general) ^.^ Happy partying!





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