Hello! Long time no post! Haha it’s been since before I left for College a couple months ago. I apologize for the long pause with all my real posts. But I have some more time these days so I will be doing better, I promise!

I attend Brigham Young University of Idaho. It is such a great experience. Before going, I was a little apprehensive and unsure about what to expect. (As all new students might feel of course.) But It seems I didn’t need to worry at all. I can tell you guys all about my fun times at my first semester of college in another post ;)

While at BYUI, I really got into dance. I took a social dance class and it was my favourite. So exciting! I of course got an A+ (not to be egotistic or anything). We covered basic ballroom dances like cha cha, foxtrot, waltz, rumba, etc. And we also did a little bit of swing.

Now swing was my favourite dance of all. I have always been interested in it but never really got a lot of opportunities to do so since at all the church dances, no one knew how to really dance. They would all do what we call: the Deacon Shuffle. (It’s really easy. First, get into a lousy ballroom position. Second, proceed to shuffle side to side from one foot to another. Third, talk about really lame topics like the color of each other’s toothbrushes. Follow these steps and you’ll be a pro at the Deacon Shuffle)

Anyway, so as you can probably tell, dances were never super exciting but I always enjoyed them. Church dances were with the youth our age in our area but they were only once every few MONTHS. So you can probably imagine the joy I felt being able to dance almost every day. For only 2 bucks a week, I was able to dance the night away.

Being home now, I am a little sad because I am not able to feel my feet and muscles being sore night after night.
Even though swing is my favourite, and my bias, I still enjoy any dancing that I can get my feet on. It seems to me that I had finally found something that I truly loved and can put all my energy and effort into.

I love doing everything of course. Sewing, drawing, cooking, piano, etc. etc., but swing dance is my addiction and my obsession. Especially, the Lindy Hop. That’s what I’m most proficient at, and my favourite.

I did my best to attend every single dance and workshop and show available. I always made time for dance. So much so that I became quite good at it. People would ask me how long I had been dancing and wouldn’t believe how much I had improved in such a short time. I learned that you can really do things that you put your mind to. You just have to have the right mindset and some will and a lot or perseverance. There were many times that I fell down. Many times that I made mistakes, and many times that I was so out of breath, I thought I was underwater struggling for air and couldn’t draw in enough oxygen. It caused me to cough and gasp for air as I finished up a dance. But I kept on. I had enough ambition to keep at it, no matter how much I screwed it up.

This led me to being creative with dancing, practicing new and more advanced moves and techniques, and overall improvement. I’m not saying I’m a professional now by any means, but let’s just say, beginning social dance class got a little slow and boring really quick.

So the moral is (and you’ve heard it a million times),
Find your passion, and never give it up.
When life pushes you down and punches you in the face, you push life down, and punch IT in the face. And you know how you do that? By succeeding.

I’ll definitely be writing more about swing dance and vintage things coming up. So please stay tuned!

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