I know people say it every year, but I really think this was the best Christmas ever.

For starters, I got a boyfriend! My first one ever haha. Also, everyone I got gifts for loved them. And I’m really glad for that because I think the most exciting part about christmas gift unwrapping is seeing all the lit up faces. Faces that truly love the gifts you chose for them and the appreciation that shows. It’s an amazing feeling.

Then at the same time, the hardest part of Christmas gift exchanges for me personally is picking the gifts out in the first place. The time isn’t the problem since I always do it in plenty of time. The thing is you never know what to get people and the stress of them ppssibly not liking it. But in the end, it always turns out fine.

For christmas dinner we had all Chinese food. It’s funny because half my family is white, and the other half is Asian…. Anyways. I made homade potstickers. They were shrimp and pork. And let me tell ya. It takes 5EVER to dice a bag of shrimp. Well they turned out pretty good and lived up to the name of potstickers since I couldn’t seem to make them come out in one piece… In the meantime, my mom made homade general tso’s chicken with white rice and my sister made egg drop soup. For a side we had cooked green beans. all in all it was a great meal. And of course there’s was leftovers. YUM

It’s always a Christmas tradition for our family to eat clementines on Christmas. Of course we always do the stocking tradition where we fill eachothers stockings with random crap. So I found myself alive awake and alert at 3:30 Christmas morning tiptoing down the stairs like a reverse Grinch, filling stockings instead of stealing from them. I actually knocked down one of the hooks that hold the stockings and that action caused me to bump another one down. Yes. I’m a klutz. When I got back into bed, I actually couldn’t fall back asleep so I got maybe 5 and a half hours of sleep that night. And Leave it to my dad to call everyone down for opening presents at 7:00 am. Yay. When we unwrapped our gifts, he got a box of twenty packs of ramen. That’s pretty impressive. I want them. We all had ramen for lunch of course.

So all in all, this was a really amazing Christmas. How did your Christmas go! And what are some Christmas traditions you have? Happy holidays ^.^

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