Holy cow it’s been a long time 오랜 만이야! :) Well I guess I better let people know that I haven’t died hahaha XD

imageI haven’t done any modeling recently but I’d like to. I can’t currently because I am incapacitated haha (but if you hear of any opportunities let me know! ;) )

I recently had surgery on my foot for an extra bone in my foot.

For those of you who are health science fanatics, the technical term was the removal of the accessory navicular. It was pretty big too. Apparently I’ve had it my whole life but just didn’t bother me until about a year ago when I sprained my ankle swing dancing. But now it is finally removed and I’m sporting a very attractive clean white cast. Monday I had my stitches removed and so In a little over a week I get my walking boot so I can move around like a “normal” person again ;) haha and let me tell you, crutches are so not fun. They are a downright nuisance. I can’t tell you how many times I scared my dog when the metal, top heavy, body supporters fell over without me even being near them.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get back into the dancing scene. I have been going through serious withdrawal. I’m an overall healthy person but I feel like I’ve just been letting myself go because dancing is my method of exercise which I can’t do obviously lol. I love food just as anyone else and never hold back when I have delicious homemade meals by my Momma every night ^.^ family dinner is always the best part of the day! It’s an important bonding time as well :) I continue to grace the family with my delicious Asian food recipes when I can although I haven’t been
able to maneuver around the kitchen much because I can’t put weight on my foot. I just end up hopping around on one leg spilling stuff haha. Then just give up and sit down to chop veggies at the table.2016-01-09 15.50.22

(Would you be interested in me posting delicious recipes? I’m really into Korean food!)

Something that has become increasingly more fun to me as time has gone on and I get older is all things beauty.image

It’s just so fun!! I love Korean makeup trends especially since Asia has THE best makeup in my opinion. Well probably works for me because I’m an Asian Lol but you should definitely try their products! Once I get some more $, I’ll definitely be ordering some.


Etude House -Face blur (makes your face blemishes smoother like photoshop.) , and their Play 101 pencil (multi purpose makeup pencils for lips, eyes, blush, shadow, and concealer!!!)

Holika Holika -Jewel Under Eye Maker (I don’t have the cute 애교살(aegyo sal ) cute eye puffs (NOT BAGS) under my eyes. So I create the look with makeup. This product will help give that effect easier than what I’m doing right now hopefully :) If you want me to show you how I’m getting this look let me know!)

imageMissha -Magic Cushion (I’ve been using this CC cushion for a while now and I love it! Great coverage. I get it in shade #23 but I might try #21 just because #23 is pretty much my skin color already and i like that lighter brighter look …)

Koji – Eye Talk Glue (Japanese brand of eyelid glue to create the desired double eyelid look. (If you don’t plan on getting plastic surgery like, this is a good cheap option to open up eyes and complete the look you want! it washes off and is non permanent and requires reapplication)

I’m also planning on purchasing Korean modeling masks or also called rubber masks. These are facial masks that you apply and they dry on your face in a rubbery texture! It easily peels off and I’m so excited to try it!!


If you guys have any other questions on what cosmetics I use let me know and I’ll let you know!

SO PINTEREST AND YOUTUBE (great resources everyone knows about):image

So I have been making a list of cool beauty hacks that I will let you know if they work or not haha. So far what I have tried has been a success! So fun to play around with stuff like this. I can’t wait to try them all! There are so many out there but I’m only picking out the ones that apply to little ol’ Asian me ^.^ I have been gathering so many ideas and really been obsessed with seeing how people have done things, trying it out myself, and finding my own little ways to do stuff. I’m just a creative craft lover! I’ve never been to good at painting my own nails even though I am an artist. I was happy to see that imagenail painting was so much more than just a color and maybe dots. So I’ve recently been using my creative artistry and working on cool nail art since I’ve officially sworn off of biting my nails from here on out. And that’s saying something as I’ve always bitten my nails to the quick.


The last thing I have for right now is that i started my Job this month. I’m working at Pitney Bowes again which is basically a company for mail machines. I worked here last year but am getting paid more this time so that’s a plus haha. I’m in customer service product support department (so if you ever need to fix your mail machine from Pitney Bowes, you know who to call ;)) I don’t get angry yelling customers that much. At least once a week so not bad. But I like to believe it’s because of my nice bubbly self and young voice that people hear it and decide that they will be nice. It’s the perfect job for me right now just because I’m indisposed and can’t be doing a job where I have to be walking around a bunch so until I go back to BYUIdaho, I’ll be working here raising money for tuition. I guess you could say I’m the breadwinner… for myself! XD

Have a great week everyone <3





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