Casts and Other Cool Things

Headshot Happiness

History Swings

Dance away, Dance away, Dance away all!

Idaho Shoot 2014

Black Bird Photoshoot


Pretty in Pink

Urban Photoshoot

Youth Conference 2014

The Plane Truth

Done Class of 2014

Prom 2014 Photoshoot

A Ghostly Tale

My Pets

Born of Pencil

Joyful Joyce

OSC Productions

Life is a Bunch of Doors

Valentine’s Day Shoot Pics

Vintage Shoot Pics

Pet Peevish

Happy Heart Day!



Dear My Mother

First Vision

Q and A

The Appleton Inn

Jen Styles

Let’s Shoot in Vintage! (2)

 Let’s Shoot in Vintage! (1)

Welcome 2014!

Michigan Friends

Plan of Salvation

Christmas 2013

Miss Lucia

What does the Asian do?

Motivation, Not Starvation

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